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Working with veterinarians and other animal care professionals is a crucial part of gaining the real-world information we need to develop new treatments and therapies deliver treatment choices that are leading the way for regenerative and active biologics. We are committed to meeting the highest ethical standards while working with animal care professionals.

Astaria Plus is a national network of veterinarians who deliver personalized care, patient-centered medicine and preventive care that starts with Astaria Global Alpha2Active Therapies. Through our technology and sophisticated care management platform, the Astaria Plus Network connects owners, trainers and riders with providers who are committed to improving the health of the animals we proudly serve.

Here's how it works:

1. Fill Out the Form Below
You can request participation in the AstariaPlus Network by completing our online request for participation form.
2. We’ll review your practice information, including other providers in your area.
We want to get you working with us as soon as possible, so we’ll make sure to reach out to you within 2 business days to let you know whether you’re eligible for participation and begin the contracting process.
3. Set a date for on-site training with you and your staff.
Make sure you designate an authorized representative from your team so we can quickly make scheduling arrangements, provide all the necessary information and complete your initial order.
4. Finalize Contract
When you complete on-boarding and training, your contract will be finalized, and you’ll receive welcome materials to allow for ordering from our online portal.

Welcome, fellow animal lovers.

We are excited to work with animal care professionals like you. Please fill out the form below and someone from the team will get back to you.