Medical Records Policy

It is both our policy and commitment to show the utmost respect for our clients and patients. We take the medical records of your animal (and all our patients) very seriously, following the strict guidelines set forth by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

We work with our Approved Partner Providers to ensure records are kept up-to-date with detailed entries of the services and procedures administered to the animal, as well as entering notations, observations, and outcomes the therapies. It is our goal to maintain confidentiality, and always respect your privacy.

While HIPAA Compliance and federal law does not directly cover pet medical records, a number of states have stepped in and created laws to address the topic. Each state’s veterinary medical boards have the authority to interpret and enforce provisions of veterinary practice acts. If you have a question about how a particular state law provision applies to individual circumstances in that state, please contact the state’s veterinary medical board.

In compliance with the current standards directing the release of veterinary patient medical records, Astaria Global will require written consent to transfer, copy or transmit, either a portion or the entire medical history for any patient/animal.

Bioethics Policy

Astaria Global believes that while biotechnology can provide remarkable benefits, it comes with certain responsibilities. Any decisions we make to commercialize a biotechnology-derived product receives careful consideration of the risks and benefits associated. As a company, these principles govern our efforts to research, develop and provide products for patients worldwide.

Bioethics Guiding Principles

Astaria Global places the highest priority on the safety and efficacy of our products and we support governing agencies in safeguarding health standards.
Astaria Global listens to the public’s questions and concerns regarding the social, ethical and technical application of biotechnology in development, manufacture and sale of our regenerative therapies. Our products and processes are based on sound scientific data.
Astaria Global actively participated in public discussions and forums encouraging science-based policies and regulations that serve the public interest of ethics.
Astaria Global determines the potential benefit of our applied biotechnology.
Astaria Global ensures that all research and testing done by Astaria Global is done so to produce health advancements and results with minimal risk.
Astaria Global complies with applicable legislation and regulatory requirements and supports ethical and professional standards in the research, development, manufacture and sale of its products.
Astaria Global supports the humane treatment of animals in research. Astaria Global recognizes that protecting the environment and maintaining the biological diversity of the planet is of high importance. Astaria Global believes in maintaining global biodiversity and sustainable use of global resources.
These standards apply to all work directed by Astaria Global to external research organizations, consultants and third-party vendors.

Framework for Application of Bioethics Guiding Principles

Astaria Global’s policies and procedures consider these principles when executing research, development, manufacture and sale of our products. Research and development is justifiable when:

Potential risk to subjects if minimal
Potential benefits to subjects are optimal
Potential benefits outweigh potential risks to subjects

This bioethics policy will be reviewed and revised as appropriate based on technological, legal, regulatory, social and ethical changes.